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[info]indiepromotion [18 Jun 2018|05:22pm]


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approach your friendly neighborhood goth with caution... [17 Jun 2018|04:54pm]



screened for the scared
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[11 Jun 2018|05:56pm]

even though there's about an hour until raw, i'm feeling really generous tonight. i don't normally do this kind of shit because it's too much effort, so seize this rare opportunity while it lasts.

anonymous is on. ask your burning questions, send declarations of love, spam me with food porn. you could send actual porn and i wouldn't care, but you would most likely have to deal with the wrath of noelle, and mrs. foley's baby boy's baby girl can unleash the fucking fury, unlike one tyler breeze who can only do that in his wet dreams.

anyway, let the games begin! the only limit is your imagination, or some shit like that.
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